Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The miracle

of life. Arrived to pick up my friend this morning to find out that she had just spoken with her daughter and the "cramps" were 2 to 3 to 5 minutes apart. This will be her third grandchild, a baby boy, a beautiful baby boy. And I saw him, his face ... for on her laptop was the sonogram picture of last Friday. His face so very clear, so very perfect and beautiful. I find it so incredible that there in front of me was a picture of this child that has not yet been born. Amazing! Needless to say, we cancelled the day and the joy of the wait has begun.

The older I get the more astounded I become at creation, at birth. It often leaves me speechless. Its one of those things that I have trouble putting words to. What a gift.

My friend ... she was glowing, giggling, smiling large. It was a delight to watch her, to be near her, to share a few moments of the wonderment of life. So appropriate for this time of year, no? Sometime today, tonight a new little life will be given to the world; praise be to God.

12/30 addendum ... looks like there could be a New Year's baby. Although we thought for sure he would make his appearance the day before yesterday, it wasn't time. And so we wait in great anticipation and excitement.

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