Sunday, November 29, 2009

And so it begins,

Advent ... a time of waiting ...

the Lord who we are waiting for is already present in the people we are waiting with.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sharing the Fifth Season together ...

with one of my ten; my friend and I. We met a long time ago, in high school. (Ok, a very long time ago). She was sweet then, a very nice person; altered not by time, she is still the same. We reconnected a few years ago now and what a blessing that has been. We both have had our 59th birthday this month just days apart. We both will bask in the sunshine of HIS love and, like children, run through the fields of this new season taking each day's blessings with thanksgiving.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A treasure

from a treasured friend ... (of my ten) ... she made this herself. Reading is something I do a lot, this will be used a great deal. My faith and belief in God is most important and so the cross and the three blue beads ... again a reminder of the Blessed Trinity.
She designs and makes many beautiful pieces of jewelry. Each and every one reflects the beauty of her being.
Blessed with the treasure of her friendship... so speaks this bookmark.

Some of Life's Little Rules

Wake up deciding to enjoy your day.

Look up at the stars every now and then.

Never slap a man chewing tobacco on the cheek.

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

The right thing at the wrong time still makes a mess. The wrong thing at the right time turns out fine. Timing is everything.

What you don't have in your head you'll have to have in your heels.Translation: What you don't remember you will have to go back and get.

Give them roses while you can put them in their hands; don't wait until you can only put them on their coffin.

Live the life you love.

If you want something done and done right, do it yourself.

Never look down on anyone, unless you're helping them up.

When you say "I love you," mean it.

Always thinking. Always thinking ahead

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Its about to begin ...

the life begins at 60 (which used to be 40), the what I call My Fifth Season, we're oh so very close now. And, no, I don't feel any different. I actually think the different, if you can call it that, arrives several years earlier then this, but its at this juncture that I am celebrating, not just a day, a year, but life, for the rest of it in each and every day that is to come and for how many yet are to come. I think that this is a challenge as often we become bogged down by the daily hum drum, by life itself and what is presented to us. From here on out, can I look at each day and find in it the good, the beauty, the blessings no matter what the situation? This is my time, this is my journey and to begin to try to do just that.

These arrived yesterday, hand carried by a very dear friend ... yes, one of my ten, a tender, caring heart that God sent back into my life. We went to school together, reconnecting a few years ago ... thank you God.
As beautiful as these look, the picture does not give justice to the magnificence to this bouquet, it is stunning. I adore flowers and this bouquet is to be adored. Thank you my friend. There are three roses, three ... so very significant to me. The Trinity, the Blessed Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I am always struck by three, it is always a comfort, a heavenly hug, a reminder that we are so loved.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


November, my birth month and so approaches the beginning of my sixtieth year. In just less then two weeks now.