Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'll Be a Silver Fox

As on a few mornings during the week I'm at my dear friend's house. Her granddaughter enters the room and I'm aware (as I'm not really paying attention) of gentle talk behind me ... her and her nana in conversation which amounts to the fact that "she has white hair". Oh my goodness, how funny.

See right now I have lots of color hair, blonde, brownish, lite brown and quite a bit of silver ... I am, for the first time in many years, letting my hair grow out to its now natural state (she says white, I like to say silver!). Now, she sees me every week and has for most of her life but the growth now is much more then noticeable, its in your face noticeable! The game plan has been and will be to add highlights, lowlights, whatever, to the silver as it grows out. Right now I'm liking what this is doing and it will be so much easier then an every 4 to 6 week coloring. I think it will take another few cuts to get all the old color off then to add just this touch of highlighting. I really can't wait to see how this will look, so far the grow out highlighting process has been very pretty.

And so ... birthday approaching in just over a month, four plus weeks of hair growth ... becoming more silver, more silver ... like a silver fox. Well, now, I'm not sure that I was ever a fox but you know what ... its my Fifth Season and yes, I'll be a silver fox! Besides, if I really don't like it there's always the every 4 to 6 week option again. Then I'll just be a fox.

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