Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Trust no one but your immediate family. That is something someone once told my son. Its that simple, it doesn't need a lot of words, it doesn't need explanation ... trust no one but your immediate family.

Oh, in life we have to trust others and most often we do and in God's goodness I believe that most people are good and so, yes, ...yes we trust.

But I think there are depths to trust and to our family and only our family do we place our deepest trust where you give your heart and place your life.

To you, my family, who has my heart and my life.Heart Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. beautiful picture. Thanks for visiting on my SITS day!

  2. So, so true...but how sad when you can even trust your immediate family. When you can, you are truly blesse. :)

    Happy SITS Monday. I added myself as a follower. :) You can find me at http://thesuburbanjungle.blogspot.com