Friday, January 15, 2010

Color my world

PhotobucketThree of us (myself and two of my ten) started taking drawing and now watercolor painting lessons (an item from my 60th and forward list). Been at it now about 6 months although I am still quite the novice. Actually if there was something before novice I think I would have that hands down! We started with the watercolor paints two months ago and with time off for the holidays we have only had about three classes for this medium. Our classes are every other week with the week in between we meet at one of our homes to practice the instruction of the last class, this also is our third practice session.

Two of us arrive this morning at her house ... a table had been painstakening set up with props for the drawing and watercoloring. Much thought and love was put into this array of subjects with the most beautiful music in the background, meditative. A mouth watering selection of eats were at hand with wonderful cups of vanilla flavored coffee. It was delectable.

We sketch out the subject(s), start to mix the paints, conversation slows and each one of us drifts into the peaceful serenity called watercolor painting. For a few hours there are no tightened muscles, no problem thoughts, anything of tension seems to dissipate.

It has been a good lesson, a very good lesson learned. Is it something I would frame, absolutely not but it will be signed, dated and treasured as I look at what I have created and count my blessings. How many in this world have had the morning that I experienced. I come away thinking of what is going on around me ... in my own surroundings the schools have been cancelled, they've called it a riot, a gang fight. A life has been taken, others severely injured. In Haiti an earth quake has claimed thousands upon thousands of lives and left many victims of pain and suffering ... we must pray. Devastation is everywhere.

I pray for all and I thank God for the color of my world.

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