Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Rainbow - III

 In the early morning hours of a May morning she passed.  She was thirty-eight years old, she was a very good friend of mine.

We had met several years earlier.  I had gone to a home of a mutual friend to offer a rosary for a sick child.  She was the mother of this child.  Although several years older then her, we clicked.  We became very close friends.  Most of our association was through church, bible study ... those types of things.  As our friendship grew, so did our faith.  She loved the rainbow, one of her favorite parts of the bible.  She loved children ... she had three and would walk hot coals if needed ... she would do that for any child. 
About six years into our friendship, late spring, she started feeling poorly.   Within a few months she was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Initially she was scheduled for surgery which would determine the following course of treatment.  I remember her saying that if the surgery / treatment helped her she would consider that a cure, a miracle.  The surgery was never completed.  Upon opening it was determined that nothing could be done, she went home.

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