Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thirty-eight Years Ago

Looking back its hard to believe that all this time has passed. What a couple of kids ... I was 21, he was 23. And all these years and two handsome grown sons later here we are. Still the same me, still the same him, a "tad" bit heavier and greyed hair and hopefully a whole lot wiser.

Happy Anniversary ... me and mine,
with love and blessings,


  1. Aww happy anniversary! I turned 50 on your anniversary...
    It will be fun to here my son's stories on his new adventure in tv land. Lezlee

  2. Hi Glor...thanks for joining to follow my blog. I am your new follower, and will be back often!
    Happy hooky!

  3. Hi Glor... I too belong to the grey hair club and shortly to turn 66. I love your words of wisdom, if we all followed them the world would be a much better place.. God bless.. :))