Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The People We Meet

The third express lane declared 20 items or less and the line here consisted of two people, one just finishing checking out and another putting her 20 items up. Good enough for me with my two heads of romaine lettuce. I had actually just checked out not moments before when I realized that I had forgotten the romaine. Leaving my husband by the exit door I dashed toward produce, bagged my two romaines and took place back in line.

She, who was all of five feet, if that, slight of build, glanced in my direction and finished unloading her cart. I stood studying her (why? ... I don't know! just did.) Her hair was very grey, she was quite a bit older then I, simply dressed, beige car coat. The look of tired was there, the presence of strength showed, her movements were of gentleness.

She looked back at me and said to go ahead of her with my two items. Told her I was also going to get a pack of gum ... she smiled and stepped aside to let me pass. I paid for my items and thanked her again for the kindness. Again the small smile. I said that my husband was waiting for me and I knew he would appreciate her letting me go as well. She then said "my husband is home waiting for me. He is in bed sick." I said that I hoped that he would feel better soon. As soon as the words were out of my mouth I just knew what the response would be ... she lowered her head and shook no. I said I was so sorry, she responded with a slight nod. I told her that I would keep her in my prayers. And she nodded again and smiled, a smile that said more then any words could. The care of her husband is done with pure, pure love, I could see that. I had the thought to ask her for her first name but for some reason I purposely ignored the thought. I know that God knows who she is, who her husband is and maybe for some reason I am not to know her name.

What I do know is that I will pray for this woman and her husband. And my prayers will be heard, not because I am saying the prayers, but because prayer is being said.

For whatever reason, just for a moment, God put her in my path and a stirring took place in my heart. My meeting with this woman maybe was more for me. Who knows. God knows.

She will always be in my prayers. Will you join me?

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